References & Clients

Get to know some of the great people and companies we’ve worked with. Here is a selection of some of our clients.


Everything you need to start a webshop and run e-commerce. Abicart is a complete e-commerce solution, packed with features, stylish themes, modern payment solutions and smart integrations.


Way simpler. Way smarter. Way more talent. Access the entire workforce through automated social recruitment marketing. When HR professionals spend more time marketing to talent than meeting them, something has to change. Adway is on a mission to solve the world’s greatest hiring challenges through technology.


Influencer, Youtuber and co-creator of “Alice & Bianca showcast”. Winner of Guldtuben for best podcast 2018 and competitor in Let’s Dance 2020. Mother of A-DSGN – a unisex brand built on the idea that fashion is for everyone.


Visionaries unite. Bringing great people, great skills and great ideas together. Annevo believes in creating exceptional, fun and smart digital solutions. Solutions that advances their clients, partners and own business.


Backing overlooked potential. BackingMinds find and back high-performing founders outside the networks of traditional venture capital.


Internet with privacy. Bahnhof offers fast, secure and affordable internet services with maximum security against digital surveillance, corporate espionage and leaks.


Tv-personality, entrepreneur and Youtuber. Seen on Whalgrens Värld, Lets’ Dance and Talang. Winner of Guldtuben and Kristallen 2018. Co-founder & owner of the cosmetics bran Caia Cosmetics and the jewelry brand Ani Jeewels.


Accurate advertising solutions. Endless possibilities with both traditional and innovative advertising in the most expansive and dominant media on the web and in mobile. Bulldog makes sure that you are visible where the customers are.


Climate strategy from A to Zero. You don’t need a master’s degree to work with climate performance. What you need is actionable, comparable, fresh insights. No matter where you are in your climate journey, navigate to zero quicker and with a real impact.


Coloplast develops products and services to make life easier for people with deeply personal and private medical conditions. Coloplast leads the way by quickly bringing the best ideas to market in the form of medical technology products and service solutions.


The platform for more sustainable homes. Simulation, analytics and data that enables a green transition.


Every week Emma Knyckare, Ina Lundström and Scroll-Mia look for the answers to life’s big questions by diving right into the source of wisdom: Flashback forum. The podcast has nearly 1.2 million listens a month– with almost 23 million listens since January 2020.


Changing the world of Digital Finishing. Truly modular, Grafotronic machine modules are completely independent from one another. The machines are also monitored and connected online at all times globally.


Since the late 1960s Hans Gedda has been one of Sweden’s leading portrait photographers. He is known for his intimate portraits of some of the greatest icons of our time, ranging from politicians and kings to actors and musicians.


Where teams grow together. A team includes everybody, from families to coaches, friends, and supporters. Easily organize and communicate with everybody on your sports team in one free and simple app.


Swedish salad with a clear conscience. Ljusgårda supplies Sweden with domestic salad all year round. With innovative indoor vertical farming, Ljusgårda drives the change that can make Sweden a self-sufficient country in regard to fruits and vegetables.


World’s best speakers for high-end home systems. Marten make speakers that enhance the way you experience your home. Their aim is to close the gap between the live and home listening experience: letting you relive your finest musical moments. Their speakers are proudly designed and crafted in Sweden, using exclusive technology and fine materials.


Digital-, analog-, and guerilla advertising. Miami works best when they have a concrete problem to deal with. And they are more than happy to seek unconventional routes to the goal.


Big agency results without the baggage. Midnight Machines exists to give marketers a better deal. Combining deep tech expertise with powerful creative vision, they act as your right-hand man for all things digital.


New Black was founded in 2010. Back then, the collection consisted of a total of five t-shirts. A true friends and family operation that adapted guerrilla marketing tactics to make a name on the scene.


Fuel your life. Market leader in protein milkshakes and protein puddings on the Swedish market. With a passion for nutrition and exercise, NJIE wants to give you the fuel and energy to tackle your everyday challenges.


Northbaze Group has a mission to sale and develop innovative and functional products within the audio, IT, and mobile accessories area to simplify and improve people’s experience of mobile devices and to bridge people’s lives together with the use of today’s technology.


Propel cooperates with a number of brave companies that want to transform their business through entrepreneurship and the powers of digitalization. Together we make innovation happen.


Your strategic digital agency. Provide IT transforms ideas into the right web-based solutions through proper preparatory work and experienced specialists.


Digital experiences for an uncharted future. Digitalization, apps, websites, services, tools, marketing, and commerce ‒ Queenslab help forward thinking organizations take their next digital step.


The revolutionary circular retail platform. reCRQL was founded by mother and daughter who both strongly believe that sustainability is the only way forward for retail. reCRQL are currently on a mission to help brands, retailers and circulents transition from linear to sustainable circular retail.


The mental wellness platform for Individuals and Businesses. Let the leading mental wellness platform for personal growth and empowerment transform your life and business.


Make a statement without making a sound. The future of mobility is not what it used to be. It’s more exciting than ever, and RGNT invites you to be part of it. Through their wild ambitions and expertise, they plan to silence the streets and quickly expand in a fast-growing bike-tech market.


She Was Such A Good Horse is a game studio summoned in 2021 by 5 murderously creative veterans from all over the game scene. Their ambition and drive is to create the very best player experiences possible, for whatever genre or project they enter.


SLG is on a mission to build a Powerhouse within Hyper Casual mobilegaming. They focus on their inhouse game development from their headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.


SOZAP is a digital entertainment company with competence and ambition at its core. They work to create the best gaming experiences in the world.


An imaginative digital partner. Understandit is an entrepreneur-driven digital agency, focused on web and mobile projects. Their offer is based on a combination of cognitive science, strategy, communication, technology and design.


Re-think your digital strategy. Vekst develops market communication through digital strategy, skills development and digital campaigns with a focus on performance and impact for their customers.


An agency delivering top-notch advertising, brand identities, events – and more. Through their simple and effective method, WE ARE MORE provides engaging communication that creates measurable impact.


The platform that engages the employees. Company culture changes when employees feel heard. Winningtemp’s platform helps you listen to and support the employees in the office or remote, in your teams and in all other contexts.

What we do?

Holistic problem solving in a complex and network based society. Navigating seamlessly in the intersection of deep business knowledge, law, and technology.

Who we are?

Creative lawyers, business developers, and strategists who like to push the limits and to paint outside the frames when assisting leading entrepreneurs in designing company structures and building businesses optimized for growth.


Competence is what it all comes down to – and we’re damn good at what we do. We’ve seen it all and know what works and what doesn’t. We’d happily help you start up, scale up, and cash out. We’d also happily, but firmly, tell you to shut up and shape up – should you be heading down the wrong track.

Open minds and business focus

We are aware that lawyers have a bad reputation as stiff paper-pushers who, more often than not, stand in the way of progress. We are however aiming to change that. We don’t practice law and navigate legal systems to comply, we do it to achieve goals and close deals. Nothing can’t be done – it’s just a matter of creating a way to do it.


We’d hate to get stuck doing the same thing forever, and we’ve realized that working with creative and innovative companies and individuals is at least as fun and rewarding as working for them. As a result we’re always open to exciting collaborations or joint ventures. Get in touch if you want to do stuff together.


No field of operations exists in a vacuum and the best results can only be achieved by gaining a holistic view of how business, law, and innovation interrelate. We combine years of legal-, strategical-, and technological experience to develop innovative, tailored, solutions to whatever task is given.

Innovation & technology

Innovate or die. We and our customers know this. Together, we work in close collaboration to protect, regulate and commercialize the innovations and technologies of tomorrow. From nanotechnology to fintech, AR, VR and everything in between.

Traditional lawyering experience

For a small additional fee we can offer to wear immaculate suits, and speak to you in a demeaning tone, while overcharging for our services.

What we believe in?

We are humanists with a passion for progress and development for the better of all, and believe in working with good-natured people and companies who share that passion. We treat our clients and fellows with loyalty and respect, and expect the same in return.

Lawyer and founder

Patrik Gargolinski

Patrik founded LEXIQ because he no longer believed in the traditional law firm. His wish was for LEXIQ to redefine the concept of a law firm, to better be a part of the ever developing world of business and technology, and to work at the forefront of innovation with the entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow.

Lawyer and partner

Jens Corneliusson

Attracted and motivated by the creative environment of start-up businesses, Jens left his corporate gig for the opportunity to be a part of something new and developing at LEXIQ. Once part of the team, he quickly made partner and forever changed the company policy on office dress-codes.