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Patrik Gargolinski

Patrik Gargolinski
4 December, 2018 admin.skaerby
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Patrik Gargolinski

Founder / Lawyer

Patrik Gargolinski founded LEXIQ because he doesn’t believe in the traditional law firm. He thinks the concept of what a law firm is should be redefined and wants LEXIQ to work at the forefront of innovation, with and for the technology leaders of tomorrow.

Patrik has long experience as a lawyer at a leading Swedish law firm and as a company lawyer within a global banking and insurance group. He has a background in international and Swedish law and knowledge based business development. He is a creative futurist with a passion for culture, society and innovation. If you want a hint of what the world will be like in the future, grab him for a coffee and he will tell you.

patrik.gargolinski@lexiq.se, +46 (0) 723-20 83 70