References & Clients

Get to know some of the great people and companies we’ve worked with. Here is a selection of some of our clients.


Everything you need to start a webshop and run e-commerce. Abicart is a complete e-commerce solution, packed with features, stylish themes, modern payment solutions and smart integrations.


Way simpler. Way smarter. Way more talent. Access the entire workforce through automated social recruitment marketing. When HR professionals spend more time marketing to talent than meeting them, something has to change. Adway is on a mission to solve the world’s greatest hiring challenges through technology.


Influencer, Youtuber and co-creator of “Alice & Bianca showcast”. Winner of Guldtuben for best podcast 2018 and competitor in Let’s Dance 2020. Mother of A-DSGN – a unisex brand built on the idea that fashion is for everyone.


Visionaries unite. Bringing great people, great skills and great ideas together. Annevo believes in creating exceptional, fun and smart digital solutions. Solutions that advances their clients, partners and own business.


Backing overlooked potential. BackingMinds find and back high-performing founders outside the networks of traditional venture capital.


Internet with privacy. Bahnhof offers fast, secure and affordable internet services with maximum security against digital surveillance, corporate espionage and leaks.


Tv-personality, entrepreneur and Youtuber. Seen on Whalgrens Värld, Lets’ Dance and Talang. Winner of Guldtuben and Kristallen 2018. Co-founder & owner of the cosmetics bran Caia Cosmetics and the jewelry brand Ani Jeewels.


Accurate advertising solutions. Endless possibilities with both traditional and innovative advertising in the most expansive and dominant media on the web and in mobile. Bulldog makes sure that you are visible where the customers are.


Climate strategy from A to Zero. You don’t need a master’s degree to work with climate performance. What you need is actionable, comparable, fresh insights. No matter where you are in your climate journey, navigate to zero quicker and with a real impact.


Coloplast develops products and services to make life easier for people with deeply personal and private medical conditions. Coloplast leads the way by quickly bringing the best ideas to market in the form of medical technology products and service solutions.


The platform for more sustainable homes. Simulation, analytics and data that enables a green transition.


Every week Emma Knyckare, Ina Lundström and Scroll-Mia look for the answers to life’s big questions by diving right into the source of wisdom: Flashback forum. The podcast has nearly 1.2 million listens a month– with almost 23 million listens since January 2020.


Changing the world of Digital Finishing. Truly modular, Grafotronic machine modules are completely independent from one another. The machines are also monitored and connected online at all times globally.


Since the late 1960s Hans Gedda has been one of Sweden’s leading portrait photographers. He is known for his intimate portraits of some of the greatest icons of our time, ranging from politicians and kings to actors and musicians.


Where teams grow together. A team includes everybody, from families to coaches, friends, and supporters. Easily organize and communicate with everybody on your sports team in one free and simple app.


Swedish salad with a clear conscience. Ljusgårda supplies Sweden with domestic salad all year round. With innovative indoor vertical farming, Ljusgårda drives the change that can make Sweden a self-sufficient country in regard to fruits and vegetables.


World’s best speakers for high-end home systems. Marten make speakers that enhance the way you experience your home. Their aim is to close the gap between the live and home listening experience: letting you relive your finest musical moments. Their speakers are proudly designed and crafted in Sweden, using exclusive technology and fine materials.


Digital-, analog-, and guerilla advertising. Miami works best when they have a concrete problem to deal with. And they are more than happy to seek unconventional routes to the goal.


Big agency results without the baggage. Midnight Machines exists to give marketers a better deal. Combining deep tech expertise with powerful creative vision, they act as your right-hand man for all things digital.


New Black was founded in 2010. Back then, the collection consisted of a total of five t-shirts. A true friends and family operation that adapted guerrilla marketing tactics to make a name on the scene.


Fuel your life. Market leader in protein milkshakes and protein puddings on the Swedish market. With a passion for nutrition and exercise, NJIE wants to give you the fuel and energy to tackle your everyday challenges.


Northbaze Group has a mission to sale and develop innovative and functional products within the audio, IT, and mobile accessories area to simplify and improve people’s experience of mobile devices and to bridge people’s lives together with the use of today’s technology.


Propel cooperates with a number of brave companies that want to transform their business through entrepreneurship and the powers of digitalization. Together we make innovation happen.


Your strategic digital agency. Provide IT transforms ideas into the right web-based solutions through proper preparatory work and experienced specialists.


Digital experiences for an uncharted future. Digitalization, apps, websites, services, tools, marketing, and commerce ‒ Queenslab help forward thinking organizations take their next digital step.


The revolutionary circular retail platform. reCRQL was founded by mother and daughter who both strongly believe that sustainability is the only way forward for retail. reCRQL are currently on a mission to help brands, retailers and circulents transition from linear to sustainable circular retail.


The mental wellness platform for Individuals and Businesses. Let the leading mental wellness platform for personal growth and empowerment transform your life and business.


Make a statement without making a sound. The future of mobility is not what it used to be. It’s more exciting than ever, and RGNT invites you to be part of it. Through their wild ambitions and expertise, they plan to silence the streets and quickly expand in a fast-growing bike-tech market.


She Was Such A Good Horse is a game studio summoned in 2021 by 5 murderously creative veterans from all over the game scene. Their ambition and drive is to create the very best player experiences possible, for whatever genre or project they enter.


SLG is on a mission to build a Powerhouse within Hyper Casual mobilegaming. They focus on their inhouse game development from their headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.


SOZAP is a digital entertainment company with competence and ambition at its core. They work to create the best gaming experiences in the world.


An imaginative digital partner. Understandit is an entrepreneur-driven digital agency, focused on web and mobile projects. Their offer is based on a combination of cognitive science, strategy, communication, technology and design.


Re-think your digital strategy. Vekst develops market communication through digital strategy, skills development and digital campaigns with a focus on performance and impact for their customers.


An agency delivering top-notch advertising, brand identities, events – and more. Through their simple and effective method, WE ARE MORE provides engaging communication that creates measurable impact.


The platform that engages the employees. Company culture changes when employees feel heard. Winningtemp’s platform helps you listen to and support the employees in the office or remote, in your teams and in all other contexts.

Privacy Policy


1.1 This privacy policy always applies, unless otherwise agreed in writing, for the processing of personal data performed by LEXIQ AB (“LQ”).

1.2 Concepts in this privacy policy, e.g. “data controller”, “data subject”, “personal data”, “processing”, “data processor”, “standard contractual clauses” and “supervisory authority”, shall have the meaning ascribed to them in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (the “GDPR”) or otherwise in the, where applicable, unless the circumstances distinctly require another order of interpretation.

1.3 This privacy policy serves to assure that LQ processes personal data in accordance with applicable privacy laws and regulations.

1.4 Below follows a description of how LQ processes personal data as well as information regarding the rights of the data subjects and how the data subjects can get in contact with LQ and/or exercise its rights.


LQ may at its sole discretion make changes to this privacy policy. LQ undertakes to inform affected data subjects of any material changes to the privacy policy.


3.1 The main purpose of LQ’s processing of personal data is to enable LQ to offer its services in full, provide information about the services and market the services. LQ may however also process personal data due to a legal obligation (e.g. when LQ must save the data according to accounting rules), or in order to defend LQ against legal claims.

3.2 The collection and processing of personal data in order to provide, market, or inform about LQ’s services is made on the legal basis of either the data subjects approval, a contractual obligation between the data subject and LQ (or LQ’s principal if applicable), or an existing legal obligation for LQ (or LQ’s principal if applicable). Exceptions are made for cases where a prior consent is not possible for practical reasons, the processing of the data is permitted by law, and when LQ has a legitimate interest in processing the personal data (e.g. for marketing, follow-up of the services, or for exercising or defending LQ against legal claims) according to a so called balance of interests.

3.3 The collection and processing of personal data in order to comply with legal obligations or in order to defend LQ against legal claims is made on the legal basis of the legal obligation or a balance of interests.

3.4 LQ does not process any sensitive personal data regarding the data subject without the express consent of the data subject (either to LQ or LQ’s principal if applicable).


4.1 LQ will not share personal data with any third party in any other way than what follows from this privacy policy, unless LQ is given prior consent from the data subject, or unless LQ is obliged to do so following the applicable regulations or unless the personal data is shared in connection with an ongoing legal-, administrative- or recovery procedure in which the data subject and LQ are both parties.

4.2 LQ may use subcontractors for the processing of personal data (so called personal data assistants). LQ may also need to use the subcontractor’s services to store personal data. LQ will always limit such subcontractors’ access to personal data to the minimal amount needed for LQ to still be able to reach the objective of the processing of the personal data.

4.3 LQ requires all subcontractors to (i) protect personal data in accordance with this privacy policy and (ii) not use or disclose personal data for any purpose other than to provide the agreed upon services to LQ.


5.1 All personal data stored by LQ is stored locally with LQ, or on an external server provided by LQ’s personal data assistant in the EU/EEA.

5.2 Personal data will not be stored for any longer than necessary, with regards to the objective of the processing, and taking into account LQ’s legal obligations regarding to accounting regulations etc.

5.3 LQ regularly deletes personal data which is no longer needed with regards to the objective of the processing, in accordance with the applicable regulations in force at any time.


LQ will not transfer personal data to countries outside the EU/EEA. Should LQ need to do so in the future, e.g. due to LQ choosing a digital service provider based in a country outside the EU/EEA, LQ will only transfer personal data if the receiving country has an adequate level of protection according to applicable laws and regulations.


7.1 The data subject has a right to request and obtain, free of charge, information regarding what personal data, relating to such data subject, is being processed, at any time, by LQ (a so-called register extract).

7.2 If a data subject wishes to know if LQ processes any personal data about the data subject, he or she can send a written request to LQ in accordance with section 16 below. In the request, the data subject needs to indicate specifically what kind of information the data subject is interested in receiving (unless the data subject is interested in receiving information about all personal data being processed). That way, LQ can provide the data subject with information that is relevant.

7.3 If a data subject repeatedly sends requests for extracts from the register, LQ may charge a fee or, in some cases, in accordance with statutory law, refuse to comply with the requests.

7.4 The extract from the register will be sent to the data subject within 30 days from the time LQ received the request. If the extract is extensive and LQ needs more time or if LQ for some reason cannot comply with the data subject’s request, LQ will without undue delay notify the data subject thereof.


8.1 In order to fulfill its obligations to always have accurate and relevant personal data, LQ systematically works with its registers and updates personal data where necessary.

8.2 If a data subject notices that the personal data LQ processes is incorrect or if LQ lacks important personal data, the data subject has the right to have their personal data corrected.

8.3 LQ normally performs simple data corrections without consideration, but in some cases LQ may need to consider the data subject’s request. LQ will not approve the data subject’s request if it is impossible or requires an unreasonable amount of work.

8.4 In the event that personal data is changed at the data subject’s request, LQ will inform any subcontractors and partners that processes the personal data about the change. Upon written request by the data subject, LQ will also inform the data subject about to whom the corrections have been submitted.


9.1 A data subject has the right to request that LQ erases personal data when:

a) they are no longer needed for the objectives for which they have been collected and for which they are being processed;

b) LQ processes personal data on the legal basis of consent and the data subject withdraws said consent;

c) LQ processes personal data for direct marketing and the data subject opposes the continued processing for this objective;

d) LQ processes personal data on the legal basis of a balance of interests and there are no legitimate interests that outweighs the data subject’s interest;

e) LQ does not process personal data in accordance with applicable regulations;

f) It is required that personal data is erased in order to fulfill a legal obligation; or

g) there is another relevant legal basis for the data subjects request to erase the personal data.

9.2 LQ has the right to refrain from erasing personal data if LQ needs to retain these in order to fulfill a legal obligation, to be able to make legal claims against a data subject, or in defense against legal claims from a data subject.

When LQ receives a data subject’s request regarding erasure, LQ will conduct an assessment in order to evaluate if there are reasons to erase the personal data. The data subject will then be informed about LQ’s assessment. If the personal data are erased at the data subject’s request, LQ will also instruct suppliers and third-party partners, to which personal data has been transferred, that the personal data are to be erased.


10.1 A data subject has the right to request the restriction of LQ’s processing of personal data when:

a) the data subject has disputed the accuracy of the personal data, during the time LQ has the opportunity to check whether the personal data are correct;

b)the processing is illegal, and the data subject opposes that the personal data is deleted and instead requests a limitation of its processing;

c)LQ no longer needs the personal data for the purposes of the processing, but the data subject needs the personal data to be able to determine, enforce or defend legal claims; or

d)the data subject has objected to processing in accordance with section 12 below, when awaiting information of the legitimacy of whether LQ’s interests outweigh the interests of the data subject.

10.2 Restriction of processing implies that the personal data will be marked, so that they in the future may only be processed for certain limited purposes.


11.1 Personal data will not be retained for any longer than is necessary with regard to the objective of the processing, and LQ will otherwise delete personal data in the manner that follows from applicable regulations.

11.2 If a data subject requests that personal data shall be deleted, LQ will delete or de-identify the personal data no later than 30 days from the reception of the request. This is provided that the personal data are not required to be saved in order for LQ to fulfill its legal obligations or to be able to exercise its legal claims.


12.1 A data subject has the right to object to LQ’s processing of personal data which LQ processes on the legal basis of a so-called balance of interests.

12.2 If a data subject wishes to exercise the right to object to the processing, the data subject needs to specify in writing which processing the data subject objects to.

12.3 In the event of an objection by a data subject, LQ may only continue to process the personal data if LQ can show that there are compelling and entitling reasons for why the personal data must be processed, and provided such reasons outweigh the data subject’s interests.

12.4 If personal data is processed for direct marketing, a data subject always has the right to object to the processing at any time.


13.1 If a data subject has provided his or her personal data to LQ, the data subject may, in some cases, be entitled to extract his or her personal data in order to, for example, move them to another company.

13.2 In order for a data subject to be able to use his or her right to so called data portability, the data subject’s request must relate to personal data that the data subject himself/herself has provided to LQ and which LQ processes with the consent of the data subject or to fulfill an agreement with the data subject.

13.3 The right to data portability does not apply when LQ’s processing of the data subject’s personal data is based on a balance of interests or a legal obligation for LQ. The right to data portability does not apply when data portability is technically difficult to implement.


14.1 A data subject has the right to complain on LQ’s processing of personal data.

14.2 LQ kindly asks that any data subject who wishes to complain initially contacts LQ, so that LQ can address the complaint and assist the data subject in the best way possible.

14.3 Notwithstanding the above, a data subject always has the right to submit his or her complaints directly to the relevant data protection authority.


15.1 LQ undertakes to implement all appropriate technical and organizational security measures, that are required in accordance with applicable regulations, to ensure a high level of security, appropriate to the risks of the processing of personal data, and to protect personal data from accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, and unauthorized disclosure of, or access to, processed personal data.

15.2 Upon written request by a data subject, LQ will inform the data subject about which security measures are being implemented for the personal data of the data subject.


16.1 If a data subject wishes to exercise his or her rights under this privacy policy, a request shall be made in written form and sent to LQ by email to info@lexiq.se.

16.2 If the data subject has any questions about this policy or LQ’s personal data processing, the data subject can contact LQ’s compliance officer by email to jens.corneliusson@lexiq.se.